Blackpool Bhuna – Curry Night

WIFC will be partkaing in a cheeky post match curry on the day of the Blackpool home game on Good Friday 6th April. We’ll have a drink in the new Red Lion after the match, then head for the curry at 6, which will be followed, no doubt, by some town centre tomfoolery.

Please add your name to the list if you’re in.

In – 13
Dave M
Simon D
Big Stu

38 thoughts on “Blackpool Bhuna – Curry Night

  1. Yes, but only if it’s changed to players only. Can’t stand the thought of having to be polite because some birds are there.

  2. It’s my birthday on the day of the Cardiff game so I already have plans to meet up with my brother and a load of Blackpool-supporting mates so I don’t think I will be there for the curry. But hopefully can bump into you all in Watford somewhere

  3. There are 8 yes so far. I have booked a provisional table for 10 people @ 1800hrs so you can go on drinking after. Suggest people could slip into the new Red Lion after the game before walking to the curry.

  4. No to Reflex.

    We’re still waiting on news of an oppo for the morning, but this will definitely go ahead and I expect to see more than 8 people. Anyone that’s not yet replied, please do so..

  5. No for curry. I’ll be in the Red Lion for a quickie but then me and Clarence are off on a luxury mini-break to Butlins.

  6. This is now an all-evening affair, so bring your drinking trousers folks. Still plenty of you to respond….

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