Hall of Fame

Created in 2003 by then manager Julian Carrera, the WIFC Hall of Fame exists to honour those who’ve made a significant contribution to the club during their time. Each year at the awards evening, the existing members will select another person to enter the Hall of Fame.

The first entrants were Lee Evans and Simon Devon in 2003, and they were joined by Pete Fincham, Julian Carrera and Martin Owen in 2004. To celebrate the on-line Hall of Fame’s creation in 2004, two more WIFC legends were selected to join, the club’s founder Aidy Spender and former manager Ian Lay.

In 2005, legendary goalkeeper Dave Perahia was inducted, and he was followed by the youngest entrant thus far, club record scorer Rob Sterry, in 2006. The following year saw Daz Sear and Simon Neill added to the hall of fame, while original squad members Jon Parry and Paul Labbett were honoured at the 2007 Testimonial Dinner.

In 2008, Dave Messenger and Scott Mathers were added for their outstanding contributions to arguably the club’s most successful period and in 2009, former fixtures supremo Matt Wells was honoured. Following a break in 2010, the Hall of Fame welcomed former joint manager Paul Watt to it’s ranks in 2011. In 2012, Paul Karlsen was added at the club’s 15 year anniversary celebrations in recognition of his efforts in being the first fixtures secretary to get to the coveted 20 games and setting the template for his successors in the role.

2013 saw sterling service in a number of roles earn Mat Ball a place, while former manager Chris Davis was honouted for his successful spell as manager when he stood down in 2014. Winger Richard Murphy was added in 2015 in recognition of becoming the club’s highest appearance maker, while Dave Soloway became the latest to join when he was added in 2016, after 15 years with the club.

After a hiatus, seven more were added at the 25th Anniversary Bash in 2022, to bring numbers up to date. Matt Ainsley and Joel Moody were added as the only players to have made 200+ appearances not already included , followed by Steve Eustice, who equalled the record number of WorldNet’s played at in 2022. Stuart Nicholls, Phil McBride and Moz Clarke were all added for their contributions behind the scenes and Richard Walker, the club’s longest serving manager, was also added.