Phil McBride

Position – Right Back
DOB – 28/8/1987
Debut v Arsenal – Sep 2004
Nicknames – Squirrel

The first player introduced through the Glory Horns message board back in 2004, Phil played with squirrel-like determination. His WIFC highlights included being captain for the memorable funbus win at Rotherham in 2005, taking a beating in a Leeds gutter at his debut Worldnet and grabbing his first goal for the club at Dulwich in 2009. He also had a very credible stint with the pikey student mantle while at Uni in Leicester, where he developed an uncanny ability to sponge beer from his mates, and a substantial paunch in which to store his nuts. Phil also got involved off the pitch, and took on the role of fixtures organiser between 2012-14 and was voted clubman in 2012/13 for his efforts.

Phil’s Q and A

Describe yourself in a sentence

Better than Wellsy

What was the first WFC game you went to and what can you remember about it?

Bristol City at home in May 1995. We won 1-0 with a goal from Kevin Phillips. On the way home my dad apologised for all the bad language and my reply was (i was 7 at the time) “Don’t worry Dad, i hear worse than that at school!”.

Finest ever WFC memory

Winning the Playoff final at Wembley in 99. I was only eleven at the time but I remember it well. It was the moment that, after a childhood of being somewhat partial to Man United thanks to my Dad, I was sure I was going to be Watford for life.

Worst away trip and why

The Hull Funbus trip in 2008. 5am start, 4-0 thrashing in the morning, arguing amongst ourselves already, rubbish pub where nobody could get a beer at lunchtime or any food, pissing with rain, Shittu up front, 2-0 down after a handful of minutes, Boothroyd losing the plot, 3-0 final score, complete lack of fun in the funbus on the way home. Oh, and it was in Hull. Fond memories.

WIFC playing highlight

My one and only goal, a deft chip over the keeper away at Dulwich Hamlet in December 2009.

Favourite WIFC moment

The coach trip to go and watch Union Royale Namur play away at KSC Hasselt in the Belgian Third Division having beaten the Namur supporters 6-1 that morning. Beers, synchronised pissing, ‘URN’, ‘Hoist up the Namur flag’, Mark Collins in the luggage rack. Eclipses any WIFC funbus adventure.

All-time favourite Watford player

Tommy Smith

All-time favourite Watford XI (not the best players – your favourites)

Scott Loach, Jure Travner, Ramon Vega, Adam Griffiths, Sietes, Martin Devaney, Danny Drinkwater, John-Joe O’Toole, Mark Yeates, Junior, Nathan Ellington

Red shorts or black?


Which actor would play you in ‘WIFC – The Movie’

One of these chaps

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