Maurice Clarke

Position – Centre Back/Centre Midfield
Debut v West Ham – Mar 2012
Nicknames – Mozzer, Moz, The King of Rum and Lemsip

Moz was a late starter in WIFC terms and almost certainly became it’s oldest ever debutant when making his bow at West Ham aged 45. Having joined the full squad for 2012/13, Moz’s pre-match warm-ups became the stuff of WIFC legend and his leadership on the pitch was immense, on no occasion more than the London Cup Final in 2013, when Moz was skipper and man of the match as WIFC secured the trophy. Mom finally retired after a stint as player/assistant manager as injuries finally took their toll on the old warhorse.

Moz’s Q and A

Describe yourself in a sentence
Space Cowboy, Gangster of Love

What was the first WFC game you went to and what can you remember about it?
West Ham away last season. It was cold and we had a scratch team (no offense). I remember West ham trying to kill our keeper, who we borrowed from them. mates eh!? I also remember having a fantastic first 5 minutes. it all went rapidly down hill after that, but since I hadn’t played any kind of 11 a side footie since 2001, i was pretty pleased at the end of it. Could walk for 10 days after though.

Finest ever WFC memory
Getting the arm band at Preston. That was a nice surprise.

Worst away trip and why
Palace, every time. Yet to see us win there. Wimbledon, Charlton, Palace. makes no difference. That place is not kind to me. Went there once on my motorbike. They wouldn’t let me in with the helmet. sent me to the front office to put it in there, but directed me down the road past Tescos. i got into the ground five minutes before half time. Effing Ceees!

WIFC playing highlight
So far its that fact that we have yet to concede when I have played at center back. I have just hexed myself haven’t I? (yes – Ed)

Favourite WIFC moment
The skipper thing, and Stu H’s last minute miss against Stevenage. Classic.

All-time favourite Watford player
Tony Coton

All-time favourite Watford XI (not the best players – your favourites)
Coton, Gibbs, Rostron, McClelland, Terry, Callaghan, Ramage, Hyde, Barnes, Graham, Blissett

Red shorts or black?
Black actually

Which actor would play you in ‘WIFC – The Movie’
Idris Elba

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