9. Dave Soloway

Position – Striker
DOB – 31/8/1979
Debut v Portsmouth – 2001
Nicknames – Leo Sayer, Lino

Speedy and big-nosed Soloway has proved to be a hugely versatile player for the club since his debut in 2001, appearing with distinction up front, in central midfield and on the wing. Dave’s sometimes straggly hair and uncanny ability to look like several famous people at once unsettles many an opponent, but let us not forget he is also a linesman beyond compare. Now one of the senior players, Dave is 3rd in the all-time scorers list, despite his penchant for hideous misses, and has also shown an eye for the big occasion, as he starred in the A team’s run to the Quarter Finals at Worldnet 2011, and scored a second half equaliser in the 2012 London Cup Final

Dave’s Q and A

Describe yourself in a sentence

Average skill, average pace, average talent, average size nose

What was the first WFC game you went to and what can you remember about it?

October 1990 – Watford vs Middlesbrough – I remember standing on the old Rookery terrace and struggling to see what was going on at the far end of the pitch – we lost 3-0!

Finest ever WFC memory

The 1999 Play-off final – Having queued overnight outside the Vic for a ticket I’m not sure I’ve ever anticipated a game as much

Worst away trip and why

Hull.  The game(s) in 2008 are a close second but I also went there for a pre-season friendly in the late 90’s (??) that finished 0-0 and I seem to recall being particularly abysmal

WIFC playing highlight

I enjoy the vast majority of our games, away matches especially but a personal highlight is the funbus trip to play away at Sheffield United.  I was captain for the game, scored twice from central midfield in a 3-1 win against a good team and would say that it has been my best all-round performance for the team

Favourite WIFC moment

Watching Bally getting lobbed on his line, over and over again

All-time favourite Watford player

Darren Bazeley, obviously

All-time favourite Watford XI (not the best players – your favourites)

Kevin Miller, Keith Dublin, Colin Foster, Jay DeMerit, Nigel Gibbs, Adam Johnson, Craig Ramage, Ronny Rosenthal, Darren Bazeley, Devon White, Kevin Philipps

Red shorts or black?

Don’t care

Which actor would play you in ‘WIFC – The Movie’

Grant Heslov

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  1. Hello, I am friends with Dave and played soccer with him in Toronto, Canada for a team called the Hells Satans. I am trying to get in touch with him but I am not sure that I have the correct e mail. Can you please pass my e mail to Dave and have him get in touch with me as I am going to Europe and would like to visit.
    Thank you,

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