10. Richard Murphy

Position – Right Midfield
DOB – 29/10/1979
Debut v Kilmarnock – Jun 2003
Nicknames – Murph, Dead Pan

Craig Ramage-alike Richard has firmly established himself as WIFC’s resident oddball since joining during the player recruitment drive in 2003. The Step-over enthusiast used to own the much missed and sadly departed Hot Rod, or badly battered Volvo to you and I, and has produced many memorable displays of wing wizadry. None more so than home to West Ham in 2008, as Murph beat his own club record when he passed up a whopping 284 opportunities to pass or cross in favour of another lollipop. Murph is now the club’s leading appearance maker and became the first player to appear 300 times for the club.

Murph’s Q and A

Describe yourself in a sentence
A bumbling oaf wrapped up in a cauliflower of nonsense with a poor first touch. 

What was the first WFC game you went to and what can you remember about it?
Away to Arsenal in 1987 FA Cup Quarter Final. Remember being annoyed when the man next to me knocked my packet of iced gems out of my hand after John Barnes scored a goal.

Finest ever WFC memory
4.53pm, 31st May 1999, Wembley Stadium.

Worst away trip and why
To the former home of Wigan Athletic, Springfield Park, in the 97/98 season. A ground as enticing as Susan Boyle’s undercarriage. Had to stand on a roofless, derelict terrace whilst it pissed down for the whole of the 1st half and we went 3-0 down. In the 2nd half we got it back to 3-2 and equalised in the last minute only for it to be ruled out. But it was after the game that things took a turn for the worse. I stopped off in the toilets where I was set upon by a teenage boy who touched me inappropriately on the bottom, verbally mocked me and then stole my limited edition Spice Girls’ backpack. Horrific. Years later I would come to know that boy as none other than Richard Wenham.

WIFC playing highlight
Preston away – nutmegged myself three times in a row before executing a quadruple stepover in super slow-motion. All done with an imaginary ball whilst Preston were scoring down the other end of the pitch.

Favourite WIFC moment
Making Nev Hardman cry on our run to the 2008 Worldnet final.

All-time favourite Watford player
Craig Godfrey Ramage

All-time favourite Watford XI (the best players = your favourites)
(1-1-8 formation) No keeper – no need, Colin Foster, Craig Ramage, Stuart Slater, Rod Thomas, Nordin Wooter, Tony Daley, Rick Holden, John Barnes, Anthony McNamee, Ashley Young, Gary Penrice 

Red shorts or black?
One half red, one half black.

Which actor would play you in ‘WIFC – The Movie’
Pam St Clement

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