WIFC Ethos

The WIFC ethos is closely linked to that of the IFA in which we play. The aim of the IFA is to build bridges between groups of fans of different clubs by playing a friendly game of football.

Though we do compete in a league and its associated cup competitions, and everyone wants to win while wearing the yellow shirt, the focus is on a friendly game of football. For WIFC this means there should be no handbags with the opposition, disputing decisions with referees or linesmen and no back-chat to, arguing with or abusing opponents, team-mates or match officials. If a decision goes against us, the captain will have a word with the referee where appropriate and if you foul an opponent you are expected to pick them up if needed, or shake their hand.

WIFC has won team of the year on numerous occasions because teams in the IFA believe we are some of the best blokes to play against in terms of our approach to the game and the banter we provide. We have done this while consistently finishing high in the league and doing well in the cups and Worldnet. By following this ethos we will maintain that reputation. So please bear in mind your responsibilities to our good name, whenever you represent our club.

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