Martin Pollard

Position – Centre Half/Striker
DOB – 19/3/1971
Debut v QPR – Mar 2005
Nicknames – Polly, Poolard, Vicky

Martin joined the club during 2005 and quickly impressed with some strong line-leading displays, including a super performance in a win at Rotherham on the first funbus trip. He also collected nicknames very quickly, thanks in no part to Little Britain’s Vicky Pollard, and he’s also organised the WIFC Top Golf Days given his role as manager there. Now firmly in the veteran category, Polly actually retired in 2010 but made a comeback and went past 100 appearances following a switch to centre-half.

Martin’s Q and A

Describe yourself in a sentence
At the age where you know you should hang those boots up, but you know you’ll miss playing the game too much…. give me a season up front and I promise I’ll quit.

What was the first WFC game you went to and what can you remember about it?
First memory is of peering through iron fencing at the front of the old Shrodells Stand.. got to be mid late 70’s. Otherwise the first one I really remember was going on the pitch against Wrexham when we got promoted to Division 1.

Finest ever WFC memory
Has to be the 2-0 playoff win against Bolton at Wembley. Probably the drunkest I’ve been at the start of any Watford FC game.

Worst away trip and why
Hull away. For so many reasons became the longest away day ever, awful weather, speed limited funbus, Wellsy’s “beer banter”, awful WIFC result and shocking WFC game in the afternoon… followed by having to clear out the food fight from the back of the funbus on the Sunday morning.

WIFC playing highlight
Rotherham away (The Dundon nose game). Playing as a lone striker, but causing so many problems to their back four. Didn’t score but won pretty much everything I went for, one of those games where everything came off and we won 2-0 against a very strong Rotherham side.

Favourite WIFC moment
Playing for the Worldnet B side, bagging a load of goals on the Saturday despite being crippled… and finding the best goal got recorded on video.

All-time favourite Watford player
Rick Holden. Back in the days when I used to play down the wing… I’d love watching him tear up and down the line. Not the most gifted player, but one I really enjoyed watching.

All-time favourite Watford XI (not the best players – your favourites)
Tony Coton. Nigel Gibbs, John McClelland, David Holdsworth, Paul Robinson, Rick Holden, Craig Ramage, Richard Johnson, Nigel Callaghan, Luther Blissett, Ronnie Rosenthal.

Red shorts or black?

Which actor would play you in ‘WIFC – The Movie’
Tim McInnerny

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