WIFC Pontoon

WIFC Pontoon is your chance to WIN WIN WIN!!

It’s better than the lottery as we will pay out 80% of entry fees!

It’s better than a raffle, as you will not win something naff that you didn’t want anyway! What can you win ….. cash! And lots of it!

What will it cost you? Just 50p (ish) per week!

So here’s how it works!

At the start of each game you are drawn a team at random from the English leagues.

Each week we take what was originally allocated as your teams fixture for that weekend as your teams qualifying game.

For every goal your team scores you get a point (fixture cancelled / no game = 2 points), i.e. 3 goals = 3 points.

The aim is to be the first team to reach 21 points without going bust / over, i.e. if you are on 19 then 3 is no good to you and you go bust.

The first person(s) to reach 21 wins the Prize Fund based upon the number of weeks for that game.

What can you win for your entry fee?If we get 100 entries, the price is set at 50p per week, and it took 8 weeks for the game to be won, then the winning prize (if not shared) would be calculated as follows:

100 people  x  50p  x  8 weeks  x  80%  =  £320 !!!!

Not bad for 50p per week is it!!

And don’t forget that is just one game! A full season should provide you with at least 5 opportunities to win!

NOTE: Each game commences with a new draw so if you do not like your team then you will not be stuck with them for the whole season!

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