Kit details for 2012/13 announced

There’s been some chat in recent weeks about our kit for next season. With Watford having moved to red shorts and most of us still resplendent in black, we’ve had a mix of kits in the last few games.

WFC have been very generous and allowed us to buy the red shorts/yellow socks we used at the London Cup Final at a cheap rate. As a result, we have decided to move to red shorts from now on. As near enough every player has yellow Watford socks, we will also stick with that for now. Black or red Watford socks will be fine to wear, but we would prefer you all to have yellow if at all possible.

We have already sold on many of the sets of shorts and socks from the Final before the Vic Road game, but we have four sets left on a first come, first served basis. A cheeky fiver will secure a set.

We are also doing another kit order for the Prostar gear. Firstly, red shorts with the WIFC badge and your Squad Number are available in waist sizes Medium (32-34″), Large (36-38″) and Extra Large (40″). If you don’t already have red Watford shorts, please ensure you order a pair now.

We also have the jumpers, modelled here by the lovely Maeve. These are available with your Initials and Squad Number, in chest sizes Small (34-36″), Medium (38-40″), Large (42-44″) and Extra Large (46-48″)

Next are the raincoats. Having blown our budget for models on the jumpers, we had to find a cheap as chips replacement to model these, apologies to all for the shocking nature of this picture. These are also available with your Initials and Squad Number, in chest sizes Small (34-36″), Medium (38-40″), Large (42-44″) and Extra Large (46-48″)

In terms of costs, the larger the order, the more discount we get. As a rough guide, the prices will be –

Shorts – £10
Jumpers – £25
Raincoats – £38

Please could all full squad members reply, letting us know what you’d like to order in the following format ONLY please

WFC Shorts/Socks Set – Y/N
Shorts – Y/N with Size, Squad Number
Jumpers – Y/N with Size, Squad Number, Initials
Raincoats – Y/N with Size, Squad Number, Initials

We’re looking to place the order fairly soon, so please could all reply by Friday June 8th.

Any questions, please Email Dave directly, DO NOT post below.

41 thoughts on “Kit details for 2012/13 announced

  1. Rob Stone
    If you have WFC shorts/sock set with number 25 ill take that if not then
    Shorts – Y, M, 25
    Jumper – Y, M, 25, RS

  2. WFC Shorts/Socks Set – N
    Shorts – N
    Jumpers – Y, biggest, 28, RW
    Raincoats – Y, biggest, 28, RW

  3. Tim Down
    WFC Shorts/Socks Set – Y
    Shorts – Y, M, 26
    Jumpers – Y, M, 26, TD
    Raincoats – N

  4. Dave Soloway
    WFC Shorts/Socks Set – N
    Shorts – Y, Medium, 9
    Jumpers – N
    Raincoats – N

  5. Ben Pegram

    Watford shorts Y, M
    Shorts Y, M, no. 32
    Jumper Y, M, no. 32, BP
    Rain Coat N

  6. Panos Fellas
    WFC Shorts/Socks Set – Y (if not numbered)
    Shorts – Y, large, 62
    Jumpers – Y, medium, 62, PF
    Raincoats – N

  7. WFC Shorts/Socks Set – Y if available
    Shorts – Y, L, 35
    Jumpers – Y, M, 35, LW
    Raincoats – N

  8. Name: Richard Godfred Belinda Murphy
    WFC Shorts/Socks Set – Y
    Shorts – No (unless no WFC shorts/socks sets left, then Y: Large, no squad number needed)
    Jumpers – N
    Raincoats – N

  9. WFC shorts/socks set – Y
    Shorts – N (unless there’s none of the above left, if so M, 18)
    Jumper – N
    Raincoat – N

  10. Shorts – Y, L, 16
    Jumpers – Y, L, 16, SE
    Raincoats – Y, L, 16, SE

  11. Shorts – Y, L, 14

    Nothing else thanks. If you already have WIFC 14 shorts in Red and Yellow sock for a fiver, I’ll have those instead!


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