Cup Final Squad Named

Joint managers Dave Messenger & Chris Davis have named a 23 man squad for Saturday’s IFA London Cup Final against West Ham. With one or two selection headaches still being mulled over, the management duo have kept all options open for the biggest WIFC game since the Worldnet Final in 2008.

The squad in full –
Matt Ainsley
Maurice Clarke
Jimmy Davis
Chris Dew
Chris Dundon
Josh Freedman
James Hannaford
Leigh Harrington
Jeremy Hinds
Stuart Holdham
Andy Lewers
Phil McBride
Joel Moody
Andy Myall
Stuart Nicholls
Jamie Parkins
Frank Smith
Dave Soloway
Aidy Spender
Rob Sterry
Rob Stone
Richard Walker
Paul Whittenbury

Tom Beck
Tim Down
Warren Flanagan
Simon Jones
Martin Pollard
Alex Prentice
Darren Sear
Ed Sterry
Dan Willis

5 thoughts on “Cup Final Squad Named

  1. A good looking (in terms of quality, not aesthetics) squad we have here.

    You have, in your co-managers, some real football brains (in apppearance, not tactical-brilliance), so there is no doubt who will win this one.

    Still, second place isn’t too shabby…

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