The overall playing record for 2019/20.

The season was curtailed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The IFA league positions as at March 14th stood and Worldnet was cancelled.

Cup competitions were completed in season 2020/21.

Cup Games0000000
Goals Per Game5.441.56
Leading Scorer
Adam Gallichan – 10
Leading Appearances
Stuart Nicholls, John Sitkowski, David Sitkowski and Charlie Wood – 8
Final League Position
Final English League Position

Results and scorers

DateCompOpposition ScoreScorers
20-Sep-19FRS & Co XIHW 11-0Gallichan 2, O’Connor 2, Mesiano 2, Church, Moss, St Cyr, Nicholls, Anderson
28-Sep-20LGE1ShrewsburyAD 4-4Wood, Murphy, Tomlinson 2
5-Oct-19LGE2/SECQFCambridgeHW 6-4Gallichan 3, Jenkins, O’Connor, OG
2-Nov-19LGE3ShrewsburyHW 3-1Hill 3
4-Jan-20LGE4HalifaxHW 8-1Wood 2, Gallichan 2, Kelly 2, Jenkins, Anderson
25-Jan-20LGE5LutonAW 6-0Wood 3, Nicholls, Murphy, Kelly
1-Feb-20LGE6/IFACQFDunfermlineHW 3-1Gallichan 2, Wood
15-Feb-20LGE7MK DonsAW 6-2T Labbett 3, Wood 2, St Cyr
6-Mar-20LGE8LutonHW 2-1OG, Gallichan


Name19/20 Apps
Stuart Nicholls8
John Sitkowski8
David Sitkowski8
Charlie Wood8
Adam Gallichan7
Rob Stone6
Matt Mesiano6
Richard Walker5
Richard Murphy5
Ally Hill5
Ben Kelly5
Tom Anderson5
Stuart Sperinck5
Mike Viney4
Dan Moss4
Tom Labbett4
Matt Ainsley3
James Jenkins3
Lamar St Cyr3
Connor Church3
Sol Tomlinson3
Alex Newman3
Ben Pegram2
Mark O’Connor2
Ben Bateman2
Paul Labbett2
Dean Maloney2
Kevin Newman2
Matt Ladell1
Dave Messenger1
Scott Mathers1
Sam Elvery1
Paul Carrington1
Lewis Koch1
Simon Wood1
Luke Gardner1
Owen Arnold1
Jamie Thomas1


Name19/20 Goals
Adam Gallichan10
Charlie Wood9
Ally Hill3
Ben Kelly3
Tom Labbett3
Lamar St Cyr3
Mark O’Connor3
Stuart Nicholls2
Matt Mesiano2
Richard Murphy2
Tom Anderson2
James Jenkins2
Sol Tomlinson2
Dan Moss1
Connor Church1

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