IFA International Caps

The following players have represented England in the traditional England v Scotland IFA fixture – held every year since 1997 as a precursor to the annual WorldNet tournament.

Chris Dundon 2011
Jamie Parkins 2009
Scott Mathers 2008
Matt Ball 2007

The following players represented England in IFA Interntional fixtures that took place before Euronet 1998.

Dave Perahia
Martin Owen
Jon Parry

The following players represented Ireland in IFA Interntional fixtures that took place before Euronet 1998.

Aidy Spender
Marc Duffy

Award Winners

At the end of every season, the WIFC awards are voted for by all players. Until the testimonial season, 07/08, the awards were dished out annually.


Players Player of the Year

15/16 Dan Butterick
14/15 Richard Murphy
13/14 Ally Hill
12/13 Maurice Clarke
11/12 Joel Moody
10/11 Chris Dundon
09/10 Jimmy Davis
08/09 Chris Westcott
07/08 Chris Westcott
06 Rob Sterry
05 Paul Watt
04 Scott Mathers
03 Scott Mathers
02 Panos Fellas
01 Rob Sterry
00 Matt Holliman
99 Julian Carrera
98 Jon Parry
97 Mike Scofield

Newcomer of the Year

15/16 Mark O’Connor
14/15 Ross Connor
13/14 Ally Hill
12/13 James Jenkins
11/12 Dan Willis
10/11 Jeremy Hinds
09/10 James Collins
08/09 Jimmy Davis
07/08 Neil Hall
06 Chris Westcott
05 Martin Pollard
04 Paul Watt
03 Colin Boon
02 Scott Mathers

Most Improved Player of the Year

15/16 Ben Pegram
14/15 Brad Simmons
13/14 Tom Beck
12/13 Tom Beck
11/12 Ed Sterry
10/11 Andy Myall
09/10 Phil McBride
08/09 Matt Wells
07/08 John Akers
06 Joel Moody
05 Matt Wells
04 Matt Wells
03 Simon Keppel
02 Simon Neill


15/16 Tom Beck
14/15 Tom Beck
13/14 Dave Messenger
12/13 Phil McBride
11/12 Dave Messenger
10/11 Chris Davis
09/10 Matt Wells
08/09 Dave Messenger
07/08 Dave Messenger
06 Dave Messenger
05 Mat Ball
04 Paul Karlsen
03 Ian Grinstead
02 Pete Fincham
00 Simon Devon

Most Appearances (most league appearances in 12/13 & 13/14)

15/16 Dan Butterick – 26
14/15 Richard Murphy – 27
13/14 Joel Moody – 19
12/13 Brad Simmons – 18
11/12 Joel Moody – 28
10/11 Joel Moody – 29
09/10 Matt Wells – 28
08/09 Dave Morren – 20
07/08 Richard Murphy – 30
06/07 Mat Ball/Paul Whittenbury – 31
05/06 Mat Ball – 28
04/05 Richard Murphy – 38
1997-2004 No Records Kept

Top Goalscorers

15/16 Mark O’Connor 20
14/15 Ross Connor – 22
13/14 Jimmy Davis – 12
12/13 Rob Sterry – 20
11/12 Joel Moody – 13
10/11 Rob Sterry – 15
09/10 Jimmy Davis – 12
08/09 Scott Mathers – 12
07/08 Scott Mathers – 17
06/07 Rob Sterry – 23
05/06 Rob Sterry – 13
04/05 Scott Mathers – 16
03/04 Rob Sterry – 14
02/03 Rob Sterry – 39
01/02 Richard Wenham – 13
1997-2001 No Records Kept

TopGolf Champion

12-16 Not Held
11 Paul Watt
10 Not Held
09 Scott Mathers
08 Richard Wenham
07 Richard Wenham
97-06 Not Held

Worldnet Performances

1997Round of 16
1998Round of 32
1999Round of 32
2000Plate Semi Finals
2001Round of 32
2002Round of 16
2003Quarter Finals
2004Round of 16
2005Round of 32
2006Round of 16
2007Round of 16
2009Round of 32
2010Round of 32
2011Quarter Finals
2012Round of 16
2013-15Did not enter
2016Quarter Finals
2017Round of 16
2018Round of 16
2019Quarter Finals
2020Not held – Covid-19
2022Round of 16
2002Plate Round of 32
2003Plate Round of 32
2004Plate Round of 32
2005Plate Round of 16
2006Plate Round of 32
2007Round of 32
2008Round of 32
2009Round of 32
2010Round of 16
2011Quarter Finals
2012Round of 16
2013Qualifying Round
2014Quarter Finals
2015Round of 16
2016Did not enter
2017Round of 16
2018-19Did not enter
2020Not held – Covid-19
2021Round of 16
2022Round of 16

Worldnet Appearances

It’s not possible to make a list of how many individual games we’ve all played at Worldnet, but here is the roll of honour in terms of the number of tournaments we’ve all attended. Only those Worldnets attended as a player are counted in this list..

WIFC Total – 23

All stats correct as at 20 February 2020

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All-time goalscorers

This is the list of every goalscorer since Julian Carrera scored our first ever goal at Arsenal in the club’s first ever match, back in 1997

All totals correct as at 20 October 2020

NameTotal Goals
Rob Sterry197
Scott Mathers83
Dave Soloway78
Richard Murphy71
Joel Moody71
Jon Parry60
Own Goals55
Mark O’Connor53
Chris Dundon52
Stuart Nicholls46
Richard Wenham43
Ian Lay40
Jimmy Davis39
Paul Watt36
Aidy Spender35
Steve Eustice34
Charlie Wood33
Ally Hill32
Martin Owen30
Paul Whittenbury29
Lee Evans29
Ross Connor29
Martin Pollard25
Andy Cotton25
Marc Duffy23
Adam Gallichan22
Mark Brennan21
Chris Dew20
Laurence Wells18
Warren Flanagan18
Simon Neill17
Panos Fellas16
Ben Kelly16
Tommy Twelves16
Jamie Parkins15
Ben Pegram15
Andy Woodard15
Andy Myall14
Chris Westcott14
James Jenkins14
Pete Fincham13
Richard Walker13
Dean Driscoll13
Leigh Harrington13
Matt Ainsley12
Karim Eljanfali12
Julian Carrera11
Alex Prentice11
Mat Ball10
Stuart Holdham10
Simon Devon9
Paul Withey9
Matt Wells7
Darren Sear7
Wob Powell7
Russ Rapstone7
Tim Down6
Dan Butterick6
Lamar St Cyr6
Andy Sparrow6
Rob Cooke6
Adam Herd6
Tom Lee6
Matt Holliman5
Paul Karlsen5
Ben Bateman5
Ben Clarke5
Jon Richards5
Mike Dempsey5
Tom Smithson5
Tom Beck4
Jeremy Hinds4
James Hannaford4
Connor Church4
Will Rowson4
Matt Mesiano4
Chris Keppel4
Tom Anderson4
Alan Silver4
Ben Sheldon4
Andy Stocks3
Maurice Clarke3
John Sitkowski3
James Collins3
Matt Stamp3
Mike Viney3
Chris Davis3
Ryan Roedling3
Sammy Janaway3
Andy Lewers3
Tom Labbett3
Matt Hurley3
Sam Mazurek3
Greg Willerton3
Alex Newman3
Richard Hockaday3
Michael Phillips3
Dave Messenger2
Phil McBride2
Dave Perahia2
Paul Labbett2
Tony Burton2
Rob Stone2
Alan Chatfield2
Brad Simmons2
David Sitkowski2
Mark Collins2
Jon Neill2
Josh Freedman2
Steve Arnold2
Dave Rodrigues2
Craig Harrison2
Spencer Field2
Sol Tomlinson2
James Farnfield2
Rob Taylor2
Simon Pullen2
Rocco Cordara2
John Readman2
Justin Woolf2
John Conway2
Harry Hopkins2
Ed Sterry1
David Morren1
John Akers1
Jerker Kjellander1
Ian Grinstead1
Michael De Crescenzo1
Richard Messenger1
Miles Jacobson1
Cleveland Brandy1
Fraser Clark1
Craig Urquhart1
Alex Wee1
Nick Grundy1
Mark Morren1
Frank Smith1
Tom Davison1
Stuart Sperinck1
Vince Machin1
Luke Barratt1
Andrew Taylor1
Liam McGarry1
Micky Eales1
Dan Moss1
Sam Copeland1
Ciaran Bateman1
Derek Payne1
Sam Elvery1
Keith Scofield1
Leigham Stone1
Paul Norgate1
Dave New Zealand1
Simon Pryor1
Bill Rider1
Jordi Connor1
Leo Crocker1
Luke Hand1
Richard Everitt1
Richie Duncan1
Dave Kos1
Darren Lambe1
Jay Lohan1
Will Da Costa1
David Walter1
Sam Walller1

The current holder of the No Goals Mantle for outfield full squad member with most appearances without scoring is Matt Ladell, with 29 appearances so far.

The all-time No Goals mantle record is held by Matt Wells, who made over 130 appearances before his first goal.

Player Stats

Here is the full list of all-time WIFC player stats – 380 players have appeared since 1997 and everyone is included here.

There are links to player profiles for most, but not all players and some of the names will bring back memories, be they good or bad ones !

The number on the left is the player’s current position in the all-time appearance list.

Totals are correct as at 28 March 2024

NoNameTotal AppsTotal GoalsWorldnets
1Richard Murphy3337110
2Matt Ainsley2841213
3Rob Sterry25619716
4Julian Carrera2501111
5Mat Ball2431014
6Dave Soloway2378115
7Matt Wells237712
8Joel Moody228719
9Aidy Spender2113518
10Martin Owen2013015
11Paul Whittenbury184295
12Stuart Nicholls180487
13Dave Messenger180212
14Steve Eustice1723518
15Scott Mathers171837
16Panos Fellas170165
17Richard Wenham168438
18Pete Fincham1651317
19Jamie Parkins161159
20Phil McBride160210
21Simon Devon147913
22Darren Sear141713
23Richard Walker136147
24Paul Watt125365
25Dave Perahia12429
26Martin Pollard123256
27Lee Evans1223014
28Simon Neill121179
29Paul Labbett11727
30Chris Dundon114527
31Ed Sterry10813
32Stuart Holdham105102
33Laurence Wells1051910
34Andy Stocks10335
35David Morren10318
36Marc Duffy1022313
37Ally Hill101345
38Ian Lay100405
39Charlie Wood88513
40Mark Brennan87213
41Andy Myall87144
42Mark O'Connor86764
43Chris Westcott84147
44Jimmy Davis84405
45Dean Driscoll83136
46Tony Burton8326
47Tom Beck8240
48Matt Holliman8055
49Rob Stone7820
50Ben Kelly76296
51John Sitkowski7641
52Maurice Clarke7134
53Jeremy Hinds7040
54Paul Karlsen6956
55Jon Parry68606
56Warren Flanagan65180
57Adam Gallichan62393
58John Akers6213
59Alan Chatfield6023
60Ben Bateman5960
61Ben Pegram58152
62Tim Down5766
63Lamar St Cyr5673
64Jerker Kjellander5518
65David Sitkowski5341
66Brad Simmons5320
67Matt Ladell5243
68Connor Church5245
69Paul Withey4995
70Dan Butterick4962
71Andy Woodard45155
72Ian Grinstead4512
73Leigh Harrington42134
74Matt Mesiano4143
75Wob Powell4073
76James Collins4032
77Tom Anderson3983
78James Jenkins39140
79Ross Connor39291
80Mark Collins3724
81Stuart Sperinck3612
82Michael De Crescenzo3610
83Will Rowson3556
84Ben Clarke3554
85James Hannaford3446
86Steve Temple3306
87Cleveland Brandy3250
88Jon Richards3251
89Neil Hall3202
90Tommy Twelves32194
91Tom Labbett3192
92Andy Cotton30252
93Karim Eljanfali30122
94Richard Messenger3014
95Chris Dew30201
96Alex Prentice30110
97Mike Viney3032
98Dan Moss2911
99Paul Shelock2723
100Frank Smith2732
101Dan Willis2601
102Jon Neill2624
103Josh Freedman2620
104Russ Rapstone2470
105Matt Stamp2331
106John Machin2306
107Colin Boon2200
108Andy Sparrow2160
109Tyrone Coley2121
110Miles Jacobson2013
111Mike Scofield2001
112Chris Keppel2040
113Rob Cooke2062
114Alby Salvidge1901
115Derek Payne1922
116Ross Tolmie-Thomson1803
117Simon Keppel1800
118Ian Grant1701
119Fraser Clark1711
120Max Walters1700
121Craig Urquhart1612
122Chris Davis1631
123Dean Maloney1501
124Alex Wee1514
125Rob Hart1501
126Nick Grundy1512
127Alan Silver1540
128Mike Dempsey1550
129Ryan Roedling1530
130Sammy Janaway1530
131Mark Morren1511
132Andy Lewers1530
133Tom Davison1511
134Ally Shivas1203
135Callum Maloney1131
136Steve Arnold1122
137Luke Barratt1110
138Vince Machin1112
139Sam Elvery1010
140Craig Harrison1021
141Chris Parry1001
142Mike Bell1001
143Rikki Wilson1000
144Spencer Field1021
145Joe Bannister1000
146Dave Rodrigues1022
147Chris Cooper1002
148Andrew Taylor1011
149Phil Covey1001
150Liam McGarry1011
151Micky Eales1010
152Ben Sheldon1043
153Christian Frater921
154Sean Kidby911
155Luke Mitchell902
156Alex Malcolm900
157Andy Smith900
158Richard Betts901
159Johnny Mickelburgh900
160Ciaran Bateman910
161Sam Copeland810
162Andrew Ibbott800
163Alfie Parkins740
164Courtney-Paige Blythe701
165Scott Miles701
166Richard Mabbitt700
167Simon Jones701
168James Farnfield720
169Jerry Ladell702
170Ben Morrison700
171Tom Smithson750
172Ben Smith702
173Kristian Melson700
174Sol Tomlinson720
175Warren White700
176Joe Withey610
177Harry Walker600
178Saahil Sadiq600
179Matt Rowson600
180Sam Mazurek630
181Rob Taylor622
182Matt Hurley631
183Adam Herd660
184Alice Arnold500
185Will Holman500
186Elliot Day500
187Greg Willerton530
188Graham Hunt500
189Harry Tolmie-Thomson501
190Rob Kirk500
191Alex Connolly500
192Sam Rudnick500
193Ryan Viduka500
194Lee Stiles500
195Simon Pullen520
196Tom Lee561
197Dean Mitchell501
198Alex Newman540
199Alan Lau400
200Scott Richardson400
201Connan Brittain420
202Charlie Hall410
203Keith Scofield411
204Andrew Keily400
205Dan Exeter401
206Lewis Jamieson400
207John Pugsley401
208Craig Franklin400
209Mark Carlin400
210Martyn Barrett400
211Paul Watt400
212Rocco Cordara421
213Josh Marks400
214Marc How401
215Matt Wyles401
216Tom Dunn400
217Ben Frais400
218Aldo Petagine411
219Connor O'Dowd411
220Dan Harper411
221Luke Radley411
222Trevor Plumb400
223Romeo Coley300
224Simon Parkins300
225Gary Petley301
226Richard Hockaday330
227Mark Veysey301
228Dave Foley300
229Tom Fitzpatrick300
231Ben Albon300
232Andy O'Brien301
233John Readman321
234Dale Hindmarsh301
235Jim Soave301
236Sam Shearman301
237George Spencer300
238Stuart Waggett300
239Spencer Brown300
240Lewis Duxbury301
241Neil Crossley301
242Kye Simons301
243Kevin Newman300
244Mark Mahloney301
245Alfie Cooke210
246Lee Brook200
247Ollie Jones200
248Rupert Licht200
249Phil Keppel200
250Paul Hanwell200
251Stuart Hills200
252Justin Woolf220
253Vicky Causbrook200
254Jonathan Parrott200
255Dan King200
256John Conway220
257"Disco" Des Wilson200
258Leigham Stone210
259Dan Norris200
260Scott Cain200
261Paul Norgate210
262Alan McTavish200
263Chris Pullen200
264Tom Goddard201
265Rob Booth200
266James O'Connell200
267Kevin Affleck200
268Liam Martin200
269Reece Gohil200
270Nathan Standing212
271Paul Large200
272Harry Aldridge100
273Dan Rowlands100
274Eddy Brimson100
275Dave New Zealand110
276Russ Barker100
277Conrad Rey100
278Matt Hart100
279Rob Slade100
280Dan Olney100
281Chris Thorne100
282Amanda Brew100
283Daren Till100
284Tom Parry100
285Dan Walker100
286James Frankland100
287Jazz Gillam100
288Ned Leary100
289Paul Goodman100
290Simon Peters100
291Steve Pyne100
292Simon Pryor110
293Bryan Chitty100
294Chris Notton100
295Dave Larking100
296Graham Bardsley100
297Jason Tucker100
298Matt Dibbs100
299Matt Reynolds100
300Steve Hodge100
301Michael Phillips130
302Bill Rider110
303Dave Wilson100
304Ewan McGregor100
305Michael Timbury100
306Paul Frangi100
307Rob Finn100
308Robbie Gill100
309Ronnie Smollett100
310Ross Lomax100
311Ross Tierney100
312Adrian Keating100
313James Walker100
314Johnny Ellithorn100
315Ryan Q100
316Steve Cowell100
317Jordi Connor110
318Leo Crocker110
319Liam Nixon100
320Andrew Carberry100
321Dominic Cassells100
322Mark Xerri100
323Rich Evans100
324Luke Hand110
325Richard Everitt110
326Richie Duncan110
327Chris Gilbert-Anderson100
328Jack King100
329James Penny100
330James Tookey100
331Jimmy Atkinson100
332Paul Killick101
333Tony Mehegan100
334Dave Kos110
335Bernard Bradshaw100
336James Perry100
337Ross Andrews100
338Darren Lambe110
340Dan Maher100
341Freddie Fincham100
342Aaron Rhodes100
343Alex Nursey100
344Darren Everitt100
345Jaime Hipwell100
346Jake Colley100
347James Roche100
348Mark Jones100
349Ryan Munson100
350Stuart Colley100
351Joe Daly100
352Phil Winwright100
353Shenahl Samarashinghe100
354Jay Lohan110
355Will Da Costa110
356Ali Cameron100
357Ben Twelves100
358Chris Marsh100
359Colin Wells100
360Dayle Littlejoin100
361Glen Wilson100
362Joao Miguel Martins100
363Phil Myall100
364Thomas Payne100
365Harry Hopkins120
366David Walter110
367Sam Walller110
368George Pennington100
369Jake Elvery100
370Lewis Bentham100
371Tom Curson100
372Paul Carrington100
373Jaimie Thomas100
374Lewis Koch100
375Luke Gardner100
376Owen Arnold100
377Simon Wood100
378Tom Reading110
379Scott Birrell100
380Jamie Green100
381Connor Duffy100
382Lewis Murray100
383Ben Streeton100
384Nathan Glasscoe100
385Darren O'Brien100
386Matt Archer100
387Sophie Lavender100
Own Goals58